Uncoiler Edge Position Control guiding System

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At home.more than 60%  strip guiding system used by steel factory is manufactured by us.

 The system uses the closed loop servo-control to pre-establish the target edge position of the strip. When
the system starts to operate, the detector detects the position changes and transfers it to the control
amplifier after converting it into electronic signals. The controller will compare the signals with zero
position signals. If any deviation signal is detected, it will output correction signal transferred to servo
valve. The valve will convert the signal into high-power hydraulic power to drive the cylinder so as to move
the uncoiler until the edge of the strip back to the zero target position.
Structure Diagram of the system

1. EPC  photoelectronic sensor
2. Proportional servo control box
3. Proportional servo valve
4. Servo power unit (selected according to the guiding speed)
5. Servo cylinder (selected according to the weight of uncoiler )
6. Displacement sensor (selected according to customer's request)